Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looking Forward

I find that when I am struggling with being "good" with food, with exercise, with anything really, it's helpful to remember where I'm headed. I'm a visual thinker so it's good for me to peer into the future and see myself healthy with my little one running around, enjoying a Mommy who can play hard and isn't pooped all the time.

So, I'll keep that mental picture in mind as I grocery shop after work today. It's very easy to give into temptation (especially when you're shopping hungry) and if I have to think twice about an item it's likely I shouldn't get it at all.

If the ice cream isn't in my house, I can't eat it. If the picture of where I want to be is in my head I can't deny today matters for tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Mommy's going to get there.

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