Monday, June 3, 2013


A crazy week and a full weekend = a need to re-focus. Monday being a holiday we went to a nearby park that has a petting farm. It was fun to see our little baby interact with a baby goat. It didn't last very long though - she was hot and tired and after about an hour was ready for home. We are taking these things for what they are as they come. If family time is 30 minutes, so be it.

Tuesday was a regular day at work, Wednesday we had a team volunteer event all day, Thursday was a team fun event at the river, then Friday I was working from home. Kind of a bonkers week for a girl who really likes predictability and routine. It was fun though.

Physical activity was the name of the game on Wednesday while we worked on painting and working with horses, and a little on Thursday, so I was excited about that. I planned on some this weekend, but it became more of a 'it's too danged hot to go outside' kind of time. I did run errands with the baby Saturday afternoon which was a sweaty mess of a mistake.

So, I begin the week needing to focus again and make time to move. I know that self-control is not a virtue granted or bestowed on people... it's something you practice. Self-control will not happen to me, I have to make it happen.

I've taken meetings today across the company campus, rather than taking meetings over the phone; I'm taking the stairs as much as I can stomach it.

A few days of hauling stuff this week at my parents house (my mom wants all of us to go through my Dad's belongings for her) and I'll be set.

Keeping my head up, moving on.

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