Monday, June 17, 2013

On Track

I am happy to report that this weekend marked a turning point for me for several things:

Physical activity: I was good about walks, doing stretches and fun little step exercises. It's always good to feel the burn without feeling burned out. Little One enjoyed it too!

Eating: I felt free to not over eat. Does that sound weird? It's not like I have someone standing over me screaming "Eat more!!" after every plate, but sometimes I just am going so fast, I keep going without thinking, stopping and feeling... I felt free to stop before I hit that pain point where my belly says, "you've gone too far".

Health: I have diabetes, and for the first time in 6 months I had a scary high on Friday night, coupled (post-insulin) with a terrible low. I looked at my baby daughter and thought "I will not be this out of control again, for your sake".

I feel incredibly invigorated and excited to give myself the best things that will have me at my best for myself, my husband and daughter. I was listening to a Beth Moore study and the "blue ribbon" commitment to remember your struggle and what you are striving for - I have yet to tie a blue cord on my wrist yet, but it's been on my mind a lot which is just as good when it pushes you in the right direction.

I reflected on my dear Dad, who has been gone for 6 months now... how much would he have liked some years back to repair his health... I have that chance now, as much as I'm able I want to do what I can every day. Only this one day I have to be active, be on track. I don't have to be yesterday or tomorrow. Just today. That's do-able.

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